Gifs Are Made So Much Better with Fake Explosions

It might be April Fool’s Day today, but the one thing we never f*k around with are explosions. They’re awfully hardcore. So when we first saw the GIF someone posted to Reddit of the bike ride fail-turned metal (original video vs. ‘sploded GIF), we knew we had to find more of them.

And what do you know? It seems like people have the same burning desire to see stuff blow up.


Next time you go on a bike ride, please be wary of dynamite.

We’re glad that the cat seems to survive this explosion.

Casual biker riding on the street–and then bam, instant classic.


This guy gets it.


A combo of the Mentos girl with our favorite parrot.

Perhaps the best way to celebrate any soccer win.


Yoga balls have since been recalled.

Who wouldn’t love to see a parrot running from an explosion?


Clearly how everyone everwhere should handshake.

These sheep are not messing around.


Welcome to a very special episode of Spongebob.

The best way to get rid of an alligator.

If only the real NFL was this entertaining.


And the Discovery Channel just got so interesting…

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