Finally, Darth Vader's Head Becomes a Toaster

You’re not looking at some bizarre April Fools‘ Day prank for Star Wars fans. You’re looking at something real that was designed to get the Star Wars nerd in all of us all excited about adding another bizarre piece to our memorabilia collection.
The online toy and collectible retailer License 2 Play just put up an add for a Darth Vader toaster in which the icon movie villain’s head has been hollowed out and turned into (you guessed it) a toaster.
This time, the makers of the toaster have taken a great deal of care to make sure they not only please the more hardcore fans of the series who can scrutinize the smallest smallest screw on Darth Vader’s costume but they’ve also done a great job of making it into a functioning toaster. It only offers a regular and “defrost” toaster setting for those frozen waffles but the slots in the top of the helmet appear to be big enough to handle bulkier breads like hot dog buns and bagels. It even burns the Star Wars logo and Vader’s eternally angry mug right on the bread just to remind you of the awesome power your toaster has in the galaxy.
The toaster won’t be ready for release until June so you’ll have some time to make space on your kitchen counter for the thing that’s sure to have your spice rack and blender cowering in fear at its ability to mind choke anyone that disagrees with it.

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