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Xbox One Ready To Punish Trolls and D-Bags Who Had Sex With Your Mom


xbox one

Online gaming has made it easier to play with your friends. It’s also made it easier for jerks to ruin everyone else’s gaming experience. But now we have Microsoft’s Xbox Live service trying to reign in the trolls, cyber-bullies and the just plain annoying creeps out there. The brand is offering players the ability to submit complaints and review their fellow players if they misbehave. You’re probably thinking that no one will face any actual consequences that could make them shape up and act like normal human beings. But that could change with the release of the Xbox One, according to Slashdot.

The Xbox Live service on the next-gen console has a proactive approach to keeping creepy players in line. This time, they’ve added “player reputation scores” to each player’s Gamercard. These will use a scientific formula to track a player’s douchebagginess. It creates a ratio based on the amount of time a user plays online and the number of complaints they receive in that time frame–and labels their ability to play with well with others with a green, yellow or red indicator.

If the number of complaints gets too high, their favorability rating rises and lowers depending on the amount of time they spend online with other people. Once a player falls into the “red” label, then certain punishments are enacted such as an “Avoid Me” tag placed on their Gamercard, and even bans from certain apps such as Twitch.

So basically, Xbox Live has created a gaming purgatory for jerks to sit in while they think about what they’ve done. It’s genius. We sincerely hope this brings us to a day when mankind can virtually kill and maim his fellow man in civility and peace.

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