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Bro Pulls Off Hilarious Harry Potter Prank [VIDEO]



Remember the terrifying Dementors from the Harry Potter series? Imagine if those things were real and were out walking around. It’d be insanely scary and that’s exactly why YouTube comedian Yousef Erakat decided to bring these dudes to life.

Erakat, aka the dude who pulled off the awesome leggings prank,¬†decided to go¬†out with one of his friends, who dressed up as a Dementor and freak the hell out of people. The pair of jokesters played a series of pranks on the public with Yousef pretending not to notice that he was being followed by a Dementor, who would then kill him by placing his hand on his head and muttering ” spells.” Our personal favorite evil spell was “Miley Cyrus.” Everyone in the video ends up running away after Yousef “dies” with the exception of the last guy, who says “You touch me, I’ll f**k you up.”

Kudos to you sir, we wouldn’t have the balls to stand up to a Dementor, real or not.

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