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Balcony Dives Lead 20 Days of Spring Break [PHOTOS + VIDEO]


I’ve gotta come right out and say that COED does not in any shape or form condone the act of jumping off of balconies (or roofs) into pools (or beer pong tables) but these kids in the video at the bottom look like they’ve been to a party or two. No harm no foul. Of course, they could have wound up like Blake Anderson from Workaholics but they didn’t.

Today’s edition of “20 Days of Spring Break” looked like it was going to be strong because we were scheduled to highlight Scottsdale, AZ but I didn’t really want to show you how 30-year-old yip heads spend $4k a night. That’s not really the type of Spring Break we’re looking to promote here. So instead we grabbed some classics from other locations.

Maybe MAYBE we’ll bring you scenes from Ft. Myers, FL tomorrow for “20 Days of Spring Break.”

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