Campus Crime: U of Minnesota Shares Pics Of Their Druggie Students

People choose where they want to live for a variety of reasons: location, price–and, of course, the amount of drugs there. At the University of Minnesota, the student paper recently ran a feature on all the drugs done in different dormitories.
The paper has come under fire recently because they took pictures of all of the students participating in drugs. The piece starts with, ” Four women knelt around an overturned storage bin in a Territorial Hall dorm room Friday night, each clutching a rolled-up $100 bill to her nose. Four lines of Molly — a form of MDMA — sat below them. Orange juice and pretzel chips stood ready to wash away the taste..” The piece then goes onto describe that not all residence halls are equal. Certain dormitories have seen much more crime than others, such as theft, underage drinking and drug offences which make up the majority of the crime.
“The Superblock” is a group of four residence halls considered a hub for parties, and had nearly two-thirds of alcohol-related offenses across all 12 University housing options. Bailey Hall, secluded on the St. Paul campus, had far fewer incidents than other residence halls and apartment buildings of a similar size and is considered the “lamer” dorm.
Nothing truly groundbreaking here but who were the genius students that allowed their photos to be taken doing molly lines? Let’s hope that blue nail polish one of the girls is using isn’t her favorite color because the authorities are certainly going to be on the lookout now. In fact, after publishing this story, we’re guessing that some of the “cooler” party dorms are going to get a lot more of the crack down. Losing your right to party for the sake of Journalism? Interesting call, Minnesota.
Check out some of the scandalous pictures on the paper’s Instagram, which they didn’t even preface as part of a story. Just the casual lines of molly on the paper’s official Instagram account. File under Recruiting Tools, we guess…

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