Amazon's Set-Top Box Game Controller Looks Like, Well, a Box

Amazon is stepping up their technology game by getting into the set-top box wars and someone leaked the first photo of the controller that gamers will use to play games on their new device.
The photo of the controller first appeared on the website Zatz Not Funny! with some details about the device and how it will interface with the box. The site claims that it will link up to the set-top box via Bluetooth and it seems to come with all the basic buttons on the new Xbox One controller including two trigger buttons underneath the top buttons that are hard to see in the photo. They also come with three media control button at the bottom including rewind, play/pause and fast forward and LED level displays on either side to measure the controller’s battery life, mostly likely AAs.
Now for the bad news: This won’t be a standard component of Amazon’s set-top box. TechCrunch reported that if you buy Amazon’s media delivery device, you’ll have to pay extra to get the controller. Plus, it really looks like an uninspired design for a controller. We’re not saying that they needed to reinvent the controller scheme to fit their own creation but this looks and feels really drab. They’ve basically taken the Xbox One controller and hammered all of the sleek ergonomics out of it so it looks like you’ll be holding a small box with two thumbs sticking out of it. If this is indeed their new, fabled controller, we know Amazon can do a lot better. After all, this is coming from a company that claims it will one day use flying robots to deliver your Carl Yastrzemski bobbleheads to you with a straight face.

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