William Shatner Beams Off Twitter, Or Maybe Just Trolls Us All


William Shatnet Leaves Twitter

William Shatner went officially off the Twitter bandwagon today–making him one of many to leave the social media network. There were none like him, however. Everybody got a kick out of following William Shatner as loyally as any Enterprise crew member. This morning, however, Shatner beamed up and off of Twitter-leaving behind these cryptic final Tweets…


But you know what, guys? William Shatner might have just been kidding. After a few hours of Twitter silence, he returned with this baffling Tweet…

William Shatner Twitter Return

So it was all some kind of joke, right? We think so. But it’s also the kind of weird moment that keeps us following The Shat. But is it worth it to be trolled like this? If you have to ask, then you should really join us in a look back at a Top Ten of Shatner’s weirder moments on Twitter. Weirder even than today…

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