Frank Ocean Told Chipotle to F*** Off

Grammy-winning R&B singer Frank Ocean was sued by Chipotle for backing out of a $425,000 deal to sing a remake of “Pure Imagination” for an animated Chipotle advertisement. They sued for his $212,500 advance.
The advertisement– titled “The Scarecrow“–was kind of amazingly creepy. The burrito-making giant ended up going with singer Fiona Apple on the song instead and the commercial was released in September of 2013. According to TMZ,  Ocean didn’t want Chipotle’s logo to appear at the end of the advertisement–so when company reps showed him a final cut that displayed the logo prominently, he reneged on his obligation to record the track.
Well, as of yesterday’s post on his tumblr, we can guess that Frank Ocean is not going to be going anywhere near a Chipotle anytime soon. Ocean posted a scan of the check for the $212,500 that Chipotle claims he owes them. And he added in the memo: “F**K OFF.” The whole thing just sort of seems silly, and the fact that Ocean backed out because he didn’t want to see Chipotle’s logo at the end of the advertisement  just seems insane. You know, seeing as how he did sign up to make the song for a Chipotle advertisement. We get it, Frank, you’re anti-establishment. It’s just sad that now you can only go to Qdoba and you have to miss out on the amazing secret menu at Chipotle. Hope it was worth it.

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