Batroc Leaps In For "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Clip [VIDEO]

Sacré bleu–we’re finally getting a look at Batroc the Leaper in this new Captain America: The Winter Soldier clip. Sadly, we’re not getting the Batroc the Leaper of the ’70s comics. We know that’s a typical geek complaint, but the flamboyant Batroc was one of the few characters who could’ve sensibly been carried over into the movies as a baddie in a ludicrous spandex outfit.
That’s a look at how Batroc used to leap around in the above pic. You also get an idea of how Batroc has a moral code that always made him an interesting villain. Now we get UFC champion Georges St. Pierre looking like this…

Yeah. Which also means we’re getting Batroc as more of a parkour-style guy leaping around like an extreme sports fan. Parkour is probably what got Batroc rushed into the Captain America movies, so there’s some good and bad news there. Anyway, enjoy the clip and note that the Black Widow is doing a lot to try and get Captain America laid. Good for her–and also good for Marvel Studios for getting the Black Widow a little bit closer to the gal we love from the comics…
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