McDonalds Finally Admits Defeat–And More Morning Links

McDonalds is worried that it may have to start paying it’s workers more, due to the increasing public focus on matters of income inequality. In an email to The Huffington Post, McDonald’s spokeswoman Heidi Barker said that they are required to tell their shareholders about risk factors regarding possible circumstances or events which may impact their future business performance…in fewer words, McDonalds employees are about to make more money.
•  Chelsea Handler had some not so nice things to say about A-rod [Extra Mustard]
•  NBC tells celebs they cannot appear on CBS or ABC [TMZ]
•  New Kobe Bryant commercial features Kobe’s piano [Fox Sports]
•  7 reasons beer is good for you [Maxim]
•  Courtney Stodden has some amazing new bikini pics [Egotastic]

The SAT Exam is About to Get Ridiculously Easier
The SAT Exam is About to Get Ridiculously Easier
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