Ken Griffey Jr. Gives One Awkward ESPN Interview [VIDEO]

Ken Griffey Jr. was known for many things during his long baseball career. One of those things was having a big smile on his face all the time. That smile was nowhere to be seen when Griffey appeared on ESPN on Wednesday, though–as Griffey went through one of the most painful interviews in television history.
Linda Cohn did everything in her power to make the interview sound good, but Griffey kept looking like he was about to fall asleep. There were also plenty of one-word answers to questions like “Who is the player most like you today?” Griffey’s answer was simply “McCutchen”, referring to the Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen.
Griffey later apologized to Cohn, but the damage was done. He was on to promote the 25th anniversary of the Upper Deck baseball card company, so maybe he thought the interview would just be about collecting baseball cards. That wouldn’t have been so bad. Upper Deck might still want to look for a different spokesman if Griffey doesn’t want to be awake enough to make an interview interesting to watc–but check out this highlights lowlights reel to judge for yourself…

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