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Film Yourself Having Sex with a Hot Pocket? That’s a Bannin’


hot pockets

Apparently, having sex with a microwaveable foodstuff will earn you a ban from two of the world’s biggest social networking sites. [Image via theimpulsivebuy/Flickr]

A teenager only identified as @versacepoptarts who fulfilled a promise to his followers that he would film himself getting it on with a piping hot Hot Pocket is no longer allowed to post updates on his Twitter feed or videos on Vine. Both of the social networking giants issued an official ban to the teen after his little stunt made him a viral star.

The video found its way to the web after the teen promised his followers he would do the stunt if his plea got 420 retweets or more on Twitter and Vine. The fact that he came up with the number “420” might also explain why on Earth he would ever buy Hot Pockets. He explained in a subsequent interview that he thought the idea was funny and might entertain his followers. Despite the fact that he practiced safe sex with the meat and cheese treat because it was too hot for his weiner, Twitter and Vine officials weren’t laughing along with thim.  They issued an immediate suspension on both of his accounts for the foreseeable future.

Normally, we don’t believe censorship is valid or even an option when it comes to offensive material but in this case, we’re willing to make an exception. The fact that we had to Google the phrase “sex with a Hot Pocket” in order to complete this story makes us all just a little sadder for the march of mankind.

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