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What’s On Tap This Weekend: Foothills Brewing Company Jade IPA


One of the hardest tasks for any brewery is to maintain a high standard for their sought after beers. The current climate of the craft industry has allowed for a very high demand for beers that are brewed once-a-year and at a very limited amount. This allows breweries to reap higher profits but many breweries fall victim to not only their own high standard but the equally high demand and expectation. The beer that’s On Tap this weekend is a perfect example of a beer that has maintained, and surpassed its quality expectation. This weekend, Foothills Brewing’s Jade IPA is What’s on Tap!

Founded in 2005, Foothills Brewing, located in Winston Salem, NC, has cemented itself among the top breweries in North Carolina. Their year rounds are all very drinkable and their seasonals are all sought after, from their Sexual Chocolate Stout, to their new “IPA of the Month” line Foothills is becoming synonymous with great beer.

Jade IPA not excluded from the list of great beer and is well on its way to having a similar demand as some of the other “early year” IPAs. Jade has all of the standard, great IPA traits, huge citrus and fruit flavors upfront which gives way to the hoppy-bitterness on the back end of the taste. When it comes to IPAs, for me, I am tasting for three characteristics: alcohol has to be hidden, I want to taste the flavors not the alcohol. I love bold flavors, citrus and other earthy notes but the beer still has to maintain balance, and, finally, the IPA has to have a crisp bitterness on the backend; Jade not only meets these characteristics but exceeds them.

Because of Jade’s fruit flavor I am pairing this brew with Cajun Shrimp Burger Sliders. The bold, upfront, citrus notes should pair nicely with the spicy Cajun flavors. Also, this is a great food and beer pairing to escape the cold, even if just temporarily. This weekend why not sip a beer whose name is as bold as its taste; this weekend enjoy a Jade.


Beer Stats

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 7.4%
Color (SRM): 4.6
Color: Hazy Light Orange
Bitterness (IBUs): 86
Hops: Cascade and Citra

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