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“Godzilla” Lets Loose With Public Domain Roar (And Bryan Cranston) [VIDEO]


Godzilla i

The big lizard couldn’t compete with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but there was still a commotion last week when the UK movie magazine Empire featured Godzilla on the cover of its latest edition–in the latest chance for the producers to show the massive size of the titular monster. That got a lot of attention, but now there’s new hype with the new “Awaken the Truth” page on the Godzilla website. Check it out for a nice monologue from Bryan Cranston about monsters. There’s also now a digital display of Godzilla’s legendary roar. Which we can also share below…

Actually, Legendary Pictures wants you to share the roar, too. They’re giving up the rights, so you can do some righteous sampling, or just use it as your ringtone, or whatever else you can manage with your high-tech ways. Godzilla fans will be really happy with that roar, too–and happy to see that the “Awaken the Truth” page also ┬ápromises something big on “2/25/14 10:00 AM.” Probably a new trailer. And here’s that Empire cover, in case you were too busy ogling Sports Illustrated models…

Godzilla Full

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