Boston University Students Don't Want Robin Thicke On Campus [VIDEO]

A group of students at Boston University really don’t like the fact that their school invited Robin Thicke to perform on their campus–and have started a petition to get them to change their mind.
Thicke is scheduled to perform at BU next Thursday, but the petition at implores the college to cancel the show and refund all the tickets because Thicke’s music and videos “celebrates having sex with women against their will.” The Humanists of Boston University, the group that organized the petition, believe the college’s decision to even allow Thicke on campus “is a political statement that is out of touch with the realities of sexual violence and BU’s own history.” They even claim it’s ironic that BU would dare to invite such a performer to entertain their students. That would be because of BU’s proud feminist history of admitting some of the first female students to its various schools, along with the work they’ve done to advance the rights of women.
We’re not doubting the Humanists’ assessment that sexual assaults on college campuses are still a major problem –but banning a singer isn’t going to be much of a deterrent. Even if it is, the Humanists don’t use any scientific proof or studies to back up their claim.
If they have a problem with the sexual tone of his music, then that means just about every other musician or artist who steps on the campus will have to go. Not to mention pictures of classic nude sculptures and paintings from the College of Fine Arts. And if they think Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video is extremely explicit for the Internet, just imagine what they must think of all the porn that’s on it. Yeah, we oughta know. Compared to that, Thicke’s video is “Swan Frickin’ Lake”–but see for yourself here. It’s the censored version ,but we think it doesn’t leave out anything really terrible in the original…

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