Jason Collins On Verge Of Signing With Brooklyn Nets?

Jason Collins may have finally found a team to sign him. The first openly gay professional athlete in the four major sports is getting serious consideration from the Brooklyn Nets to be signed to a ten-day contract. Collins has been out of the league this season after announcing over the summer that he was gay.
It is a step in the right decision if the team is looking at Collins as a player and not worried about what some players or fans would think about a gay player in the locker room. This also helps the case of Michael Sam, who will be trying to break into the NFL as an openly gay player. Collins opened the door for people like Sam to have the courage to come out as gay.
Brooklyn is in a great spot to make the playoffs, and could use Collins in their front court to get them over the top into possibly having homecourt advantage in the first round of the playoffs. The next days will be some to watch to see if Collins finally gets another chance on the court.

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