"Dark Souls II" Trailer Is Fantastic Medieval Madness [VIDEO]

A new trailer for the upcoming open-world RPG Dark Souls II has found its way to the web–and it’s chocked full of ancient warrior goodness. The new trailer doesn’t reveal much in terms of where the story picks up after the awesome and enthralling first installment. It’s more of a glorious celebration of all the reasons we love to play fantasy based video games: giant fire-breathing dragons that can turn its enemies in crispy chicken nuggets, warriors in two-inch thick, steel armor, and worlds that only existed before in the minds of lonely Dungeons & Dragons players.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKupSYbMS0U&w=600&h=338]
Of course, you never know how good a game is going to be until you’re playing it and this time, they’ve got a pretty high bar to reach for after the release of the first Dark Souls game. The main difference between Dark Souls and all the other RPGs out there is its notorious level of difficulty and there is a serious concern that the developers might scale that back a bit in the hopes of bringing in a wider and more diverse audience of players.
One of the developers even noted in an interview that their goal with Dark Souls II is “not to develop a difficult game.” We’re not saying that we want a game that’s so impossible that even a cross-dimensional deity couldn’t complete it but difficulty is all part of the challenge of any video game. It makes beating it feel like you’ve just taken on the world, even though you’re still technically in your favorite bean bag chair and footy pajamas.

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