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NCAA Trying to Slow Down College Football Offenses


NCAA Football Offenses

The NCAA has been sticking their nose into so many different things over the past number of years that fans, coaches and players alike are growing sick of it. This time, the NCAA football rules committee is proposing a change which would penalize teams that run plays too quickly. There would be a five-yard delay-of-game penalty assessed if a team snaps the ball before the 29 second point of the 40-second play clock.

There are plenty of coaches who are quite upset about this because they won’t be able to run their plays as fast as they want without allowing the defense to bring subs into the game. Many teams don’t get plays off in that first ten seconds but that’s not the point. Everyone is looking for the littlest advantage and being able to snap the ball quickly is one of those advantages.

March 6 is when this will be decided. There are going to be a lot of very happy or very angry people when that day comes. The changes continue to happen around the college football landscape.

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