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Ole Miss Lets D.J. Law Out of Double Commitment


D.J. Law Old Miss Football

D.J. Law obviously has a problem with the idea of signing a letter of intent. In fact, the running back prospect from Florida signed national letters of intent with both Utah and Ole Miss this past week. That’s right–Law had publicly announced that he was going to Utah, but signed with both teams. Fortunately for Law, Ole Miss took the high road and released the guy from his letter of intent.

Law has had some issues during his high school career, and it’s quite possible that he doesn’t play right now at Utah, either. But he had to realize that he sent two different letters of intent, right? He had offers from ten different schools, so it’s a good thing he didn’t sign letters for each of those schools, too. That’s just bad from square one. Ole Miss didn’t really have a choice here, though, since Law had come out to say he was going to Utah. They couldn’t exactly make him play for both teams at the same time. Especially when the two schools aren’t within shouting distance of each other.

There could still be a bright future for Law in Utah. In the meantime, the Rebels can move on from this and go with a different running back.  They might even find one that only signed one national letter of intent when getting ready for college.

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