Science Discovers Why Marijuana Gives You the Munchies

A neurological study might have cracked one of the greatest mysteries in marijuana toking history–specifically, the cause of The Munchies.  A new study from the University of Bordeaux in France found that the sudden craving for food that rises after a person gets ridiculously high isn’t marijuana weakening a person’s brain or central nervous system. In fact, the marijana enhances the brain and central nervous system. Just as we’ve always suspected.
Scientists found that tetrahydrocannabinol (also known as tasty THC) attaches itself to the receptors in the brain’s olfactory bulb, the part of the brain that regulates the sense of smell. This attachment can increase a person’s sense of smell, particularly with food, and even strengthen the taste of it causing them to eat more of it to increase the reaction from the pleasure centers of their brain.
The scientists discovered this by injecting mice with doses of THC and watching their reactions to samples of banana and almond oils. They initially showed little interest in the oils when they were sober, but after they were exposed to THC, they spent more time sniffing them and eventually eating them.
Do you realize what this means? Not only do we now know why we get so hungry after smoking a joint or taking a bong hit but we also have conclusive proof that weed can actually enhance your senses rather than dull them. It wouldn’t surprise me at this point if another study revealed that smoking enough pot can increase your sight to point that you can see through walls or even fly like Superman.

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