Play With LEGO's on Google Chrome [VIDEO]

Google Chrome users can now play with LEGOs right on their computer desktop. Google teamed up with the LEGO Group to create a digital version of the iconic building block toy that is now available for free for anyone who has access to Google’s Chrome browser program. Simply go to and start working on your virtual LEGO project.
The project started as an experiment back in 2012 when a group in Google’s Australian team started tinkering around with a virtual LEGO program. They used WebGL to create a virtual building space that would allow users to make whatever they could dream up using whatever LEGO pieces exist in the modern world. Two years later, the experiment has become an open source program that the whole world can use to build and share their creations. Google’s LEGO project also offers a “Build Academy” to help novice LEGO players learn the basics of the building block toy and a global build database that lets users explore other builders’ creations from all over the globe.
Of course, we’re sure that this has also been timed to get some publicity for the upcoming LEGO Movie starring the voices of Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell and Morgan Freeman. Even so, it’s a generous one. They’ve basically given us the LEGO collection that we’ve dreamed of having since we were old enough to learn how to play with them without the obvious choking hazard or accidentally stepping on one of the smaller pieces with our bare feet after marathon building sessions.

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