Centenary College Raises Minimum Wage, Hopes That's Enough…

Centenary College has decided to conduct its own minimum wage experiment.  The liberal arts college located in Shreveport, Louisiana has raised the minimum wage for all of its employees to $10.10 an hour.That doesn’t just include the employees who get their paychecks from the college, either. Centenary College officials also convinced two of its third-party venders to promise them that they would do the same for their employees who work on campus.
Centenary President David Rowe said the school decided not to wait for Congress to raise the minimum wage for its employees because he believes “this is in the best interest of our hard-working employees, our institution and our community.” There’s still a lot of debate about the minimum wage, of course, but Centenary sure provided some good news for anyone who works on a college campus.
Now we’ll see what happens next. Georgetown University went with a minimum wage of $10.25 an hour back in 2005, with protesters demanding an increase right away. This could lead to trouble. We’ll still try to think happy thoughts for now–especially knowing that hard-working people getting a couple of extra coins in their pocket, whether they’re putting the money towards an education or paying off a bar tab.

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