Police-Style “Battlefield” FPS Game on the Way?

The first-person shooter game has been in need of a revamping for quite some time. If you’re hankering to play a military style or sci-fi themed shooters that lets you storm the battlefield and spray anything that moves with bullets, fire and explosives, you’re in luck because there are a ton of theme to choose from. If you’re in the mood of a different kind of shooter, you either have to find something else to play or build up a heavy taste for blood and destruction really quick.

Apparently, a lot of other gamers are starting to notice this and their clamoring for something new is starting to have an effect. According to Metro, a new Battlefield game is in the works–but the reviews and player response to the last game seems to have pushed them in a different, create direction. Visceral, the studio behind the Dead Space games, has taken over the franchise from DICE in the hopes of reviving it by turning it into a “police-themed” FPS.

There isn’t much more information available beyond that cryptic sounding description but it does bring some interesting possibilities to those of us with broader imaginations. When you think about it, we haven’t had a FPS with a police theme and if we have, it must not have been a very successful one. It could offer an interesting new spin on the shooting game genre, perhaps by putting the player in a combat situation where firing first and asking questions later isn’t the number one rule of the game.

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