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Kiddie MMA Fighter Could Probably Kick Your Grownup Ass [VIDEO]


MMA Fighter

Chances are that you’ve mentally blocked the days of your childhood when your parents signed you up for a soccer team because they thought it would teach you how to stay healthy, develop friendships or even learn skills like sportsmanship and determination. Instead, having to wear skimpy shorts and wimpy shin pads gave you a lifetime of emotional scars and a reason to use your employee mental health plan.

Things probably would have worked out better if your folks signed you up for junior mixed martial arts fighting. Take, for instance, 7-year-old Allison Gonier in this YouTube video. The Kansas City Fighting Alliance let the talented young one step into the ring for a demonstration with a serious MMA trainer and she actually put on quite a good show. She didn’t just dance around the Octagon and throw a few punches. Her punches and kicks made quite a loud “POW!” every time they connected with her trainer’s gloves. She pulled off an impressive flying punch by vaulting off the fence. Most importantly, she won the hearts and minds of the audience. You always gotta put on a good show for the crowd. You can’t coach that.

Of course, they didn’t let her actually fight an adult fighter. That would make for a different story entirely. Still, she looks like she could dance around the ring and put someone twice her size on the mat if the situation called for it. Go ahead, we dare you. At least we’ll get another awesome YouTube video out of it.

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