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“BAD GRANDPA” Exclusive Clip—-Plus Signed Poster & Blu-Ray Giveaway!


Behold the awesomeness of some Bad Grandpa bonus material that’s only available on the exclusive Best Buy Bad Grandpa Blu-ray Edition. That’s pretty special, because the one thing that’s been missing from our lives is the sight of Johnny Knoxville actually hanging out with his elderly alter-ego of Irving Zisman. This is the kind of bonus footage that’s truly special. And did we mention exclusive? Yes, to the Best Buy Bad Grandpa Blu-ray Edition.

And we’re honored to be associated with this Oscar-nominated film by giving away some very cool Bad Grandpa merchandise. We have a Bad Grandpa poster signed by Johnny Knoxville, plus four Bad Grandpa Blu-rays. That’s a total of five very special winners waiting to happen–but you’ll have to go to the COED Facebook page and “like” this amazing¬†Bad Grandpa post. From there, we’re going to get all random and choose our prize winners.

We’d make you “love” the post, but it’s bad enough that Bad Grandpa got us feeling all emotional at the end. Also, Facebook doesn’t have a “love” option, because Mark Zuckerberg didn’t anticipate this kind of great contest. And remember, the first rule of a COED contest is that there are no rules. Also… All entrants must be over the age of 18.¬†Submissions must be received by Friday, January 31st.¬†Winners will be announced Monday, February 3rd.

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