Super Bowl Players Will Receive $25K Headphones From Beats By Dre


Every NFL player in this year’s Super Bowl will receive a pair of diamond-encrusted Beats By Dre headphones valued at around $25,000. That’s on top of the $92K+ player bonus that each winner of the game gets, and the $46K+ that each Super Bowl loser gets (source).

What makes the headphones so expensive? The fact that Beats teamed up with Graff Diamonds who made sure to encrust each of the headphones with their product, along with an engraving that reads “New York XLVIII 2014”.

Even if Beats x Graff only gave the headphones to members on the active roster, the total price would reach $2.65 million.

Previously, Graff has worked with Beats before on headphones for Lil Wayne and LMFAO. As you can see here, those featured a little more bling than the ones they’re giving to the NFL players but we certainly wouldn’t be complaining if we got a pair or two for the office.


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