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“Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction” Expansion Teases Us With Its Trailer [VIDEO]


The bizarre sci-fi turn taken by theĀ Call of Duty series is about to get even weirder. The DLC expansions for the game’s “Extinction” mode will take place in a dark and cold battleground between the alien menace and mankind and its never-ending armory of bullets and high-powered weapons.

Call of Duty released the first teaser trailer for the first episode in its “Onslaught Park,” which can be purchased starting Jan. 28th. The first episode Nightfall sets up the four-part series at a secret testing facility in the snowy Alaskan wilderness. A group of scientists at the station were doing experiments on some live specimens without the government’s knowledge. They smuggled the specimens out of the area of the original outbreak in Colorado setting off a whole new outbreak in the process.

So now it’s up to you and your fellow soldiers to march in and clean house once again with an assortment of heavy machinery that will give the alien bastards a proper welcome to Earth.

The new trailer features some footage of the new maps, which are sure to add a creepy Thing-ish vibe to the first-person gameplay. It’s one of four to come in the series so it will be interesting to see where the next alien outbreaks occur as the DLC pack’s story unfolds. The possibilities are pretty limitless at this point. Maybe we’ll see maps that will let the alien menace run loose in places like suburbia, a shopping mall or even Washington D.C.

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