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Stuff The Intern Forgot: Kids Snorting Smarties & More [Links]



The New Drug Craze: Snorting Smarties

When I was a kid my friends and I would pretend to smoke candy cigarettes that we bought for a quarter…the key word here being “pretend.”  Apparently these days kids are stepping it up and crushing smarties and then blowing them up their noses. The active ingredients in Smarties are sugar and red dye #5, which to me sounds more appetizing in my stomach. According to our friends over at Egotastic, this trend is becoming so popular that schools have started sending warnings to parents to watch out for signs of Smartie abuse. Sure, there are some good kids out there, but considering the things that many kids are doing nowadays, Mike Judge’s film Idiocracy is starting to seem less and less ridiculous.

Assuming our intern is off somewhere doing Smarties, I’ve posted these other fine links for you to enjoy…


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