Stuff The Intern Forgot: $1,475 Richard Sherman Card & More [Links]

Richard Sherman Football Card Sells For $1,475 Right After Infamous Interview

Today I’m going to talk about terrible purchases. A Richard Sherman football card was for sale on Ebay on January 19th and the auction conveniently ended about one hour after Sherman called Michael Crabtree mediocre. I mean if screaming at someone raises the value of memorabilia by this kind of margin, then perhaps it would be worthwhile to hop on Ebay and dish out my life savings on a Scarface DVD.¬†According to our friends over at Extra Mustard, the same card is currently listed on Ebay for only $300…which in my opinion is still pretty ridiculous. And don’t forget to check out these other amazing links that our benighted intern forgot to post…

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Bruce Springsteen's Son Joins the New Jersey Fire Department
Bruce Springsteen's Son Joins the New Jersey Fire Department
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