Ronald McDonald Takes #NekNominate To The Next Level [VIDEO]

#Neknominations haven’t really taken off here in the United States but the social media-fueled drinking game has been getting absolutely mental over in Australia and Europe. First, we introduced you to the game with the Welshman eating a dead chicken’s head, chugging a pint of vodka, and sculling a beer to finish it off.

Then we showed you a list of our 10 favorite /most extreme #NekNomination videos. And now we’re announcing that we’ve officialy found the most ridiculous #Neknomination video of all time (video above).

I’ll give you a quick heads up that it’s not real but that shouldn’t matter because it’s hilarious. And for those of you who’ll feel duped, I’ve included a brand new one that’s almost as disturbing. Notice how there are no women anywhere to be found.

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