Cheerleader GIFs of the 2013-2014 NFL Conference Championships [22 GIFs]

If you’ve been watching any sports coverage this week, you’ve no doubt heard the phrase “Best Weekend in Football” thrown around to describe the two NFL Conference Championship Games going on between the Patriots/Broncos and the Seahawks/49ers.

Most of the time we’d poo-poo the talking heads, but this year you have to agree with them. One matchup features Brady vs Manning–the two best QB’s in the league–and the other one has two teams who absolutely despise each other. It’s a great recipe for some great pigskin.

But there’s another reason why this weekend’s games are going to be good: each of the four teams has a great roster of cheerleaders to watch. The 49er’s Gold Rush, The SeaGals, The Broncos Cheerleaders and the Patriots Cheerleaders are all sending representatives to the Pro Bowl for a good reason. And we’ve got the sexy GIFs to prove it.

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