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13 Movies That Can Teach You How to Be a Man


13 Movies That Can Teach You How to Be a Man1

Movies are more than just a excuse to waste time, or maybe a way to make sure that a date won’t lead to boring conversation. They are inspiring tales of the human spirit. A good movie can reveal the true importance of being a man capable of fulfilling a real vision–whether it’s changing the course of a nation, or just getting to the only White Castle hamburger joint that can be found within a 100-mile radius.

Movies mean different things to different people, of course, but here are the 13 movies that have defined manhood for COED contributor Danny Gallagher. We’re pretty sure that he’s not talking about himself when he declares, “These are stories that can literally alter the soul of open-minded movie goers, and show even the most meager human being just what it takes to be a true man.” Danny doesn’t seem so meager to us, but judge for yourself as he lists the movies that matter to him…

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