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We’ve been hearing a lot about the U.S. government’s recent love for spying, although (outside of Homeland) most of what we hear about is the Feds peeping and eavesdropping on private American citizens. That’s all the more reason to look forward to Turn, a new AMC series set during the Revolutionary War about the country’s first organized band of secret agents. In a refreshing blast from the pre-NSA past, Turn’s snoops specialize in gathering intelligence on actual foreign invaders and enemy combatants–as opposed to, you know, good Americans like us.

Turn is based on the book Washington’s Spies by Alexander Rose, a rousing account of how Long Island farmer Abraham Woodhull (played by Jamie Bell) recruited sleuths, double-crossers and code-breakers among his downtrodden neighbors who were fed up with British rule. Together, under constant risk of exposure, they developed the first methods of modern-age espionage.

The trailer for Turn builds intrigue and suspense with scenes with natty costumes, a comely farm girl, and gnarly wounds courtesy of musket violence. It’s also got an abundance of British redcoats who explode in anger, bug their eyes out, and order mass executions as easily as they powder those ridiculous wigs.

Outside of Nazis in World War II movies, no heavily accented cabal of villains is ever more entertainingly evil than British redcoats. Turn seems to understand this, and there’s more than enough reason to tune in to the 90-minute debut of Turn on AMC April 6th.

COED Writer