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Stuff The Intern Forgot: America’s First Jordan Store & More [Links]



North America Finally Gets A Jordan Store, Months After Hong Kong Got One

The Jordan brand has announced the opening of North America’s very first Jordan-only store, and guess what? The store is right here in New York City, only one block away from the COED headquarters. I initially got really excited because I thought we were getting the first Jordan store ever, but according to our friends over at Extra Mustard, the Wanchai district of Hong Kong beat us to it almost half a year ago. Oh well, it’s still pretty awesome…I mean Jordans never go out of style. During the NFL playoffs, Michael Crabtree and Earl Thomas both wore Jordans during separate games. When football players start wearing a basketball player’s shoes, you know the shoes are gangster.

I bet you can’t guess who forgot to post these other awesome links…I’ll give you a hint, his name rhymes with “The Bintern.”


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