Beer Helps Firefighter Put Out Fire Because Beer Is Awesome

Beer can already do so many things but it turns out that it can also save lives and turn people into heroes. That’s right, we’re talking about the same beer that can do the complete opposite if you drink too much of it and it makes you think that you can do things you shouldn’t like windsurf, gamble or fight that guy with the prison tattoos. A firefighter proved that it can also prevent a serious tragedy like a raging fire.
According to the Houston Chronicle, Houston Fire Capt. Craig Moreau was driving back after a trip to Austin with his wife when he noticed an 18-wheeler on the side of the road with “smoke pouring from the brakes.” He decided to stop and help since he’s a professional fire wrangler and noticed that flames had engulfed some of the trucks’ rear tires. The piddly, little fire extinguisher the driver had on him at the time wasn’t powerful enough to put out the flames. The firefighter asked the driver what he was hauling and when he said “It’s beer! It’s all beer!,” he sprung into action just as any firefighter or unreasonably thirsty man would. The two gathered up as much beer as they could and started shaking and spraying the cold, sudsy stuff all over the flames until they died out. That makes him twice the hero since he managed maintain his composure and not break down and cry from all the beer he had to waste in order to put out the fire.
So not only is this firefighter a hero for saving the day but it further proves just how awesome beer can be in a pinch. It can help ugly guys get laid. It can make a bad time seem mind-numbingly better by, well, numbing your mind. It can make physical and mental pain disappear like a breath of hot air in a cold wind. Oh beer, is there anything you CAN’T do?

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