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Archer returns to FX with new episodes this Monday at 10 pm–with our favorite spies now trying their hand at international drug dealing. Now warm up for Season Five by gawking in slack-jawed glee at this supercut of Sterling Archer’s most ferociously foul and flat-out funniest one-liners from the show’s first four seasons. “You want breakfast,” snarls Sterling Archer to his nude blonde bedmate on what is clearly a morning after, “try the diner. You’re obviously into Greek!

Savagely brash, ruthlessly uncouth, and equal parts sexist and sex-obsessed, Sterling Archer—the boozy spy hero at the heart and enlarged liver of the beloved animated series Archer—is also rapid-fire hilarious when it comes to machine-gunning out one-liners.

Laughing at japes such as when Archer calls karate “the Dane Cook of martial arts” should also help ease you into the “radical changes” planned for the new episodes. As noted, Archer’s creator has announced that Archer and his cohorts will no longer be spies. Instead, they’ll be traveling the globe in order to sell “a ton of cocaine.” Also, Cheryl, the rubber-cement-sniffing secretary and secret heiress, is slated to become a country-music star known as Cherlene. (There’s even a planned actual Cherlene album, and a tribute episode to the movie Smokey and the Bandit).

All that promises to be a lot to take in. So first take in these seven minutes of classic Archer outbursts first. And then tune in to FX Monday and see if they’ll ever be able to top the line: “That chick was like the Pele of anal.”

COED Writer