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Scarlett Johansson Knew Joaquin Phoenix From David Letterman [VIDEO]


David Letterman Scarlett Johansson Joaquin Phoenix

Scarlett Johansson was in New York City yesterday for an appearance with David Letterman, and forgot to call us. That’s okay, since we still have this video where Scarlett–who’s dolled herself up in a nicely retro manner–fills Dave in on working with¬†Joaquin Phoenix in the new movie Her. That’s the movie where Scarlett is never seen. She’s just a disembodied voice that’s the computerized operating system that¬†Joaquin’s character falls in love with over the course of the movie. (Of course, we also have our favorite ScarJo GIFs.)

Anyway, we’re not sure how often Scarlett and Joaquin actually saw each other on the set, but here’s a cute clip where the actress talks about how she mainly knew the eccentric actor from his addled guest appearance with David Letterman one night. Yeah, that one’s nearly as notorious as when Dave walked off the show during Crispin Glover’s bizarro turn back in his NBC days.

Anyway, Scarlett then remembers that she once met Jaoquin acting really weird in a restaurant once, and it’s a swell story–mostly for the moment when Scarlett rolls her eyes and acts all charming like in our dreams. Except she keeps her clothes on, but you should still watch, anyway…

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