Whiskey, Sriracha, and Caramel Corn in One Recipe…No, Really

Now that Sriracha supplies are dwindling down to their last drop thanks to a heated (no pun intended) fight over air quality concerns allegedly caused by its California factory, it might be time to unload that batch you’ve been hanging on to in the fervent hope that the dispute would be settled by now. The folks at Make Magazine found an interesting way to help your final bottles of Sriracha go out in a blaze of a glory. [Image via The Sriracha Cookbook Blog]

They stumbled on an actual recipe that combines three of the greatest things any man could put in their mouth (within reason): whiskey, caramel corn and Sriracha sauce. The recipe comes from the blog Olives for Dinner, a vegan recipe site that somehow found a way to make meatless food palatable for us carnivores.
The recipe is actually a cluster of tasty bar snacks such as popcorn, cashews and peanuts all mixed with man’s favorite condiment and beverage that can help momentarily erase the pain of human existence. Plus, if you’ve ever made caramel corn, it’s surprisingly simple to make. The trick is combining the right level of ingredients so one flavor doesn’t overpower the other. The blog describes the unique mixture’s flavor as “a subtle kiss of smoke on contact while the Sriracha round everything out with a gentle slap of spice at the end.” So basically, it’s like drinking whiskey except the slap doesn’t come from the female bar patron that you’ve been drunkenly hitting on for the entire night.

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