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Outback Steakhouse: “Screw Your Resolutions! Free Bloomin’ Onions!”


bloomin onion

Outback Steakhouses all across the country are offering free Bloomin’ Onion appetizers today only as part of a special promotional deal with the Outback Bowl. Anyone who mentions the phrase “Outback Bowl” to their waiter or waitress can have their Bloomin’ Onion on the house–but the offer is only good for today, according to [Image via Phillip Pessar/Flickr]

Of course, this isn’t to promote any kind of “upcoming” Bowl game. That already took place on New Year’s Day, with LSU crushing the University of Iowa with a score of 21-14 but we guess Outback can’t resist squeezing in one more cross-promotional stunt. We can’t blame them. If COED had the “ Bowl,” we’d be scheming up some kind of awesome stunt or deal as well. Plus, our Bowl game wouldn’t involve football. It would be more of a hybrid supermodel pillow fight and Jello wrestling match where everyone wins something.

Now, this might seem slightly unfair to the literally millions of people who just made a New Year’s Resolutions to get healthier or lose weight. Here we are in a new year with a whole crowd of people who have vowed to get back to the gym or clean all the junk food out of their fridge, and Outback can’t even wait a full week before throwing free food at us. It’s no secret that Outback’s most famous “Aussie-tizer” creation is incredibly unhealthy. According to Outback’s own nutritional guide, a single plate of the stuff carries over 1,900 calories, 160 grams of fat and 149 milligrams of cholesterol. Of course, most people are ready to break those resolutions by now. They’re roaming the streets in search of anything that’s deep fried and laden with carbs –so if you’re going to breakdown and pig out, doing it with a free Bloomin’ Onion is a good way to start.

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