• Woman Who Won The Week: Emilia Clarke [PHOTOS]

    Emilia Clarke, everyone’s favorite actor from Game of Thrones, has just been cast as Sarah Connor in the new Term…

  • 10 Summer Blockbusters That Defined Your Childhood

    Let's hop in the Delorean and floor it down Memory Lane to relive the movies that made our summers as kids.

  • Summer Glau [See Her Tonight on ALPHAS]

    35 pics! We just saw an article about Geek Goddesses that didn't include Summer Glau. She must've been retired to the Hall of Fame. Still, true geeks are thrilled to see Summer in a (hopefully) recurring role on the Syfy drama Alphas. She's built a career on quickly-canceled cult shows, but these pics show off a sex symbol for all seasons....

  • TV

    COED Staff Survey: Our Role Models! (+ Some Inspiring Quotes)

    You have to be raised right to be a COED staffer. Either that, or you have to survive the suburban equivalent of being raised by wolves. Fortunately, we've all been inspired by great men and women over the years. We're honored to present the people whose influence has helped us to become the incredible successes that we are today. Check out the icons who've inspired the COED philosophy...

  • 13 Bootleg Movie Posters [PHOTOS]

    Ever buy a bootleg DVD? There's weird cover art, typos, and unusual packaging. Was the guy lazy? No, he's just not from around here. As the "City of Sushi" episode of South Park pointed out, cultural differences can be hilarious, especially when international destinations try to market and sell tickets for American made films. Case in point? These movie posters we found that were created to promote traveling movie shows and bootleg screenings in foreign countries. Check 'em out after the jump!

  • 15 Actors Who Should Star In The Expendables 2

    After the early success of The Expendables, it's only natural that word of a sequel is already out. Everyone will have their speculations as to what actors should join the greatest action ensemble ever, including me. Although there are numerous unknowns who've cut their teeth in dozens of action flicks, The Expendables 2 deserves more household names and faces to share the explosions and fighting that gave every man with a pair a grin from ear to ear. Hopefully Arnold (if politically possible) and Bruce will get more screen time in the sequel, but the following actors should definitely be considered for major roles regardless.

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    36 TV Characters You Wanted To Hook Up With

    The TV is many things to many people, but for most dudes, it's a way to stare at hot chicks without dealing with restraining orders. Now we're not saying that all TV shows have hot ladies, but we saying you can stare at a lot of hot ladies from the comfort of your living room. Right off the bat, I'll tell ya we probably missed a bunch of sirens and traffic stoppers, but this list should serve as a phenomenal jumping off point for shows you're going to want to DVR. So clear your schedule and get ready to do some hardcore fantasizing.

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    10 Greatest Catch Phrases of All-Time

    What's your favorite TV show of all time? Better yet, how about what's your best catch phrases of all time? You may watch some of your favorite shows just to hear the main character say something that they regularly say during the show. For example, Fred Sanford saying, "You big dummy," to Lamont Sanford in the TV show, "Sanford and Son." Maybe you're a kind of person who loves to hear Bart Simpson say, "Eat my shorts." Nevertheless, lets take a look at 10 of the some of the best and worst catch phrases etched in your head.

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    The 10 Most Badass Women of Hollywood

    Gone are the days when men would rule the "tough guy" roles in film. More and more women have made their way into the leading roles where strength and tenacity are key. These women have fought everything from zombies to psychotic murderers, all while bringing class and hotness to the screen. These are the truly badass women of Hollywood and it's time they get some recognition.

  • 25 Most Annoying Movie Catchphrases We’re Stuck With

    Here are the movie catchphrases of Hollywood lore that will be around until the end of time.

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