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  • Watch This Guy Catch A Fish With His Hair [Video]

    If you teach a man to fish, he can eat for a lifetime. But what if he doesn't have a fishing pole?

  • WTFin’ Weekend: Frank’s Hair [VIDEO]

    Hope your weekend has been as fun and productive as Frank’s. Just remember, when you have a talent, it’s yo…

  • ‘Science’ Still Unable To Explain Why Women Don’t Fall For Hairy Men

    It's tough out there for a hairy man -- which is odd being that hairiness and manliness seemingly go hand in hand. Still, women tend to prefer the smooth hairless pecs of the kind of man you see in underwear ads over the hairy chests of the kind of man you might see on a roll of paper towels. The question then becomes "Why?" And luckily, there must be plenty of hairy scientist out there...

  • What We Learned From Last Night’s Presidential Debate: Obama & Romney Should Swap Hair

    Next let's see what they would look like if they swapped ties!

  • Here’s The Inflatable Toupee I Pray You Never Have To Use

    Before you dismiss the inflatable toupee as being "completely f***ing retarded," keep this in mind: there's nothing women love more than a confident man. And it takes a LOT of confidence to wear a blowup hairpiece out in public. Plus, your parents weren't keen on your alternate plan for covering up your bald spot: converting to Judaism for the yarmulkes. Supposedly, the makers of Inflatable Toupee...

  • 18 Things You Didn’t Know About Hair Metal

    The amazing sound of hair metal has never been bigger! Or at least that’s what the producers of Rock of Ages are hop…

  • Vidal Sassoon, RIP: He Made Short Hair Sexy–Here’s Pics To Prove It!

    Vidal Sassoon is dead, and he better stay away from Frank Sinatra in heaven. The legendary singer freaked out when the ha…

  • Troy Polamalu Gets A Sneak Attack Buzzcut [VIDEO]

    I'm not on the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I'm pretty sure that its a good idea to have a healthy fear of Troy Polamalu. This teammate of his didn't get that memo, because he has no problem going up behind Troy and buzzing off some of his hair. The whole time, I thought that Troy was just luring him in like he does time and time again with QBs, only to pounce at the last second. Yeah, didn't happen. Troy's gonna have a bald spot for some time now.

  • Rihanna’s Bringing Sexy Back to Vogue

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  • 42 Hilariously Horrible Haircuts

    Nothing is more destructive to a person’s ego than a bad haircut. You can only pull off the “what, I just really like this hat” off for so long before people start to question what’s going on. But these people are cut from a different cloth. They wear these haircuts by choice and display them with honor and pride. The result is sometimes disturbing, but almost always hilarious.

  • How to Spot the One-Night-Stand Girl

    Girls give you enough hints to know if they want random sex. Here are some great tips for ensuring you have the perfect one night stand. But before you start trying to charm your way into my bed, make sure you know exactly what I’m looking for.

  • Sexy Girls in Pigtails: Volume 2

    Don’t lie. If you are a heterosexual guy, there is something about a sexy girl in pigtails. Maybe it is the hint of n…

  • Sexy Girls in Pigtails

    I was definitely awkward in elementary school, but even then I knew the pigtails were for me – gentlemen, please s…

  • The 80′s Were Weird

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