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  • The 9 Dumbest Crimes Committed By Pro-Athletes

    Just because athletes are paid millions of dollars on top of their annual performance bonuses, endorsement deals and p…

  • Body-Slamming A Cactus Is One Of Those Things You Shouldn’t Try [VIDEO]

    I prefer to think of this as “extreme acupuncture.”…

  • Why The World Needs Jose Canseco [PHOTOS]

    As we’ve all been privileged to know and follow, Jose Canseco has been on Twitter for a little over two years.…

  • 13 Of The Unluckiest Halloween Arrests

    People act dumb on Halloween. Inherently. We get dressed up in silly costumes and celebrate what is essentially a holid…

  • Bank Robber Arrested After Returning To Scene Of The Crime Because He Didn’t Get The Full $20,000 He Asked For

    According to Syracuse.com, the man seen above, Arthur Bundrage, was arrested for robbing a bank when police arrived on…

  • Hey Dog, That’s Not A Stick, Stop Trying To Pick It Up! [VIDEO]

    They say dog is man's best friend. Dog also may be man's stupidest friend. Check that. Your friend who convinced you to do multiple shots on a Thursday night when he knew you had work this morning is stupider.

  • How To Slice A Banana [VIDEO]

    I don't know what I was expecting.

  • The Internet’s Hall of Shame [VIDEOS]

    Every single day, I see some of the dumbest people and their videos. While it doesn't take a whole lot for me to laugh at someone once, that someone has to be a real jackass to keep my attention for longer than a week. For those trying to do this, I'll throw you a bone: freaking out and shoving a remote up your bum because your WoW account was suspended is a good start. Yeah I just revealed one of the idiots on our list, but trying to narrow down all the other 'tards to a concise 15 was pretty hard. Be glad you're not one of the 15 internet jackasses and reap the benefits of our hard labor after the jump!

  • 210 WTF Tattoos

    Lots of people get drunk, but it takes a special kind of idiot to get a tattoo during that special time. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining that the guy who stumbles into a tattoo parlor exists - they fuel my blog fire. All I'm saying is that there's definitely a feeling a regret, no matter how much they try to pull that sh*t off. Mustache on your finger? Yeah that's a mistake (even though technically when you finger a chick you're giving her a mustache ride). Honor these idiots and their brazen ideas by checking out the checking out their WTF tats below.

  • 22 Vanity License Plates That Scream “Pull Me Over!” [PHOTOS]

    Last week, the AP reported drivers in Kazakhstan replaced their license plates with signs that read "I LOVE SEX". The former Soviet nation and homeland of Borat has a fairly relaxed attitude when it comes to sex (i.e. - Borat making out with his sister) despite a youth group calling for a ban on Valentine's Day. That trend isn't new - vanity plates have always been pretty funny - whether intentionally or not - but sometimes their creativity can be a giant red flag for cops. We've pulled a photo gallery of examples to keep you out of the clink. Check 'em out after the jump!

  • This Football Player Is a Loser [Video]

    We all make mistakes, of course. And if you're lucky, most of those mistakes happen behind closed doors, where the general public can't see your shame. But sometimes those mistakes happen in broad daylight, in front of all your family, friends, classmates and the opposing team, who just scored a touchdown because of your dumbass.

  • Price Is Right FAIL [Video]

    Put together by the good people at Best Week Ever, we've got a gem for you today. You know when someone does something so stupid, you just want them to go away so you can stop being embarrassed for them? Well if not, then you've never met this woman. Not only does her bid strategy fail completely, she's so bad, she throws Drew off his game.

  • Epic Balloon Fail

    more about “Epic Balloon Fail“, posted with vodpod First of all, this guy has to be the most bored person on…

  • Mountain Top Golfing Backfires

    I love that this guy took the time to carry a golf club and balls up to the top of a humongous mountain in Alberta, and then th…

  • Blondes Make Boys Bimbos?

    This weekend The Times published an article about the “bimbo delusion,” which is the act of men stereotyp…

  • Video Trifecta: Cheerleader Bloopers

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  • Shocker! Miss Teen South Carolina Flubs Answer About Education

    The great state of South Carolina is represented flawlessly by Ms. South Carolina, a blonde, dumb-as-bricks girl who s…