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  • The Most Desirable Colognes Women Want You To Wear

    What makes a man attractive and desirable to a woman? His looks? His money? His personality? His fame? You could make an argument for any of those. Even if you don't excel in those departments, there's one area that you can definitely master - SCENT! Smelling good is always a huge turn on for women and we have the top 5 colognes that will have you searching for a "beat them off" stick.

  • Playboy Wants To Get Naked And Party At Your School!

    Our friends over at just launched their 1st ever "Hottest College Girl" Contest.. Students can submit nominees at The winner and runner-up will each get to host their own unforgettable Playboy party at their respective schools! If the party is anything like these ridiculous Playboy spring break wet t-shirt pictures you are in for a treat!

  • 10 Things Every Guy Should Own (But Doesn’t)

    How would you like to be the guy that everyone guy wants to know and every girls wants to date? Are you nodding your head yes, but thinking, "that's impossible, I'm just a cubicle worker who spends my day surfing NSFW websites?" Well cheer up and get excited because here are ten things that you should own if you're aspiring to be the perfect man.

  • An Idiot’s Guide to Choosing Between Cologne and Aftershave

    You've just finished a hot, clean shave and are ready to get dressed for the big event. You may have a hot date, a wedding, or maybe even a potential life-changing job interview. But there's a problem: you have a cut on your face from shaving and don't know what to do. And not only that, you also want to make a positive lasting impression, but don't know what cologne to wear.

  • How to Smell Good in the Summer Heat

    Yes it's getting hot, muggy, and disgusting out -- but that doesn't mean you need to smell bad. In fact it means you need to smell good. Andy Warhol once stated that “Well-groomed people are the real beauties. We've put our nose to the test to find the right deodorant to help you smell great and get you the right attention you deserve.

  • 5 Rules on How to Properly Use Cologne

    Some guys don't get what to do with cologne. They think bathing in the stuff makes sweat and funk magically disappear! Ever see a guy splash on a few different scents? Ever get close to him afterwards -- I think not! Heed these cologne rules and your friends will thank you.

  • Don’t Cologne It a Comeback!

    In the 70s, the mainstreaming of pungent odors like Old Spice and Hai Karate delivered a boost to masculinity that could only be rivaled by Viagra. Things were good. The ladies loved the hairy chest, man-scent and musk ruled supreme. The 80s came along and brought with it ET and the growth of androgynous boy-like sex icons - aka Johnny Depp and Kevin Bacon. It was getting scary.

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