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  • “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful” Book Has Beautiful Viral Marketing [PHOTOS]

    Check out the Sports Illustrated models baring their bods to promote the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful book!

  • Ron Burgundy’s Memoir To Hit Book Shelves This November

    Is Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) coming out with an autobiography in November a shameless plug and easy moneymaker for An…

  • Dennis Rodman Wrote A Children’s Book For Parents Who Want To Warp Their Kids’ Minds For Life

    Does your child have a thirst for reading that few children possess? Do they love to devour books the way that some childr…

  • Everything Guys Need To Know About FIFTY SHADES OF GREY

    You know all those women who were kind of teasing us by reading Fifty Shades of Grey out in public? Well, they're all finished with the paperback that became a national sensation as the favorite book of horny housewives looking for a romance novel about kinky sex. Now they're reading Fifty Shades Darker. You better catch up, so check out this quickie summary of the dopey saga that has suburban gals dreaming of big-city perversion...

  • 10 Things You Need To Know About BANE!

    When you think of Batman's enemies, there's the usual rogue's gallery of The Joker, The Riddler, and other characters. Bane hasn't been around nearly as long--but The Dark Knight Rises is about to make him a classic Batman villain. Now we've got his back story and a few fun facts. No Dark Knight spoilers here, though. This is strictly the background on Bane as covered in the DC Comics universe. Check out the bad guy who inspired a great film…

  • Gregg Allmann’s Manhattan Book Signing: What We Overheard

    How popular are the Allman Brothers in NYC? Popular enough to play about ten shows every March. That's why we went to Gregg Allman's appearance today at a Barnes & Noble in Manhattan, but didn't write down any stupid comments about rednecks taking over Union Square. The crowd still had plenty to say, so check out 14 Things We Overheard at the Gregg Allman Book Signing...

  • Listen To This 10 Year Old’s Advice On Macking B*tches [VIDEO]

    Alec Greven is a total mack-daddy. Not only is this bald-eagle 100% qualified to give advice on the ladies, he's got a motherf*cking published book. You know who else has a published book? Oprah. And before you go all, "this young white male is the complete opposite of an older black woman" check the video out before making assumptions. It's after the jump.

  • Is College Worth The Time And Money? [POLLS]

    A recent report says that after two years of college, 45% of students learned little to nothing. After four years, 36% of students learned almost nothing. Meanwhile, the cost of college keeps rising. So, is it really worth your time and money to go to college? Author James Altucher has come up with 8 Alternatives to College, many of which don't require a college degree to do. So, what do you think? Let us know your thoughts after the jump!

  • How To Grill With Beer

    Now you can actually put beer into your food. Who’d'a thunk it! This book covers everything from appetizers, soups, stews and main courses. They even have beer bread! Now you can "tie one on" while enjoying your corn beef on rye lunch!

  • George Carlin’s Last Words Intro EXCLUSIVE

    Introduction to Last Words By Tony Hendra “I have this real moron thing I do? It’s called thinking.” —GC Fo…

  • What’s Red or White and Fights Fat?

    The studies on if tequila makes you rich and good looking, as well as the research on if pot gives you Harry Potters Magical Abilities are still in progress. Keep your fingers crossed.

  • O.J. Simpson Raises the Stakes, Gets Questioned for Burglary in Las Vegas

    Everybody’s favorite murdering-ex-football-star is currently under investigation for attempting to steal…