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  • Offensive, Inappropriate & Bizarre Valentine’s Day Cards [22 PICS]

    Valentine’s Day shouldn’t only be about love. It should be about offending people and racism and telling…

  • The Most Important Breaking News You’ll See Today [PIC]

    You think that's shocking? You should hear the eel's side of the story...

  • I Don’t Know Whether To Be Turned On Or Convert To Judaism Or Go Get A Martini Or What [VIDEO]

    Ever since Marcel Duchamp submitted a urinal to an art show and called it “Fountain,” art and WTF have been…

  • TV

    The 5 Craziest Celebrity Stalker Stories Ever

    It’s no secret that celebrities tend to attract lots of attention (they ask for it). Sometimes, though, that can be unwanted attention not just reserved for the typical stare at a chest or butt. This attention comes from obsessed stalkers, something that I bet Courtney Stodden will soon have invent. These stalkers are all very real, and they range in severity from mildly annoying to deadly. While all of these cases are off the psycho chart, the stalkers on this list all take their obsession to the next level. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Freaky Friday: Hoppin’ Mad Edition

    Last week, we occupied Weird Street with watermelon masks, maggot burgers, naked mole rats, and that absurd Toyota Prius person made of people. This week, we're delving into some pretty sick and twisted sh*t with Mischa Barton gnawing on raw meat, a Human Centipede impression, the world's toughest "tunnel", lewd pumpkins, and scary pre-Halloween treats. Check 'em out in our gallery after the jump.

  • Freaky Friday: Occupy Weird Street Edition [18 PHOTOS]

    Last week, we were all animals. This week, we've taken to the streets to demand the internet give us way more of the freakishly flexible, muscular, large, and short along with some balls-out bizarre stuff. Jodie Marsh makes a cameo, a mole rat gets totally nude, and what in the holy f*** is up with that friggin' Toyota Prius commercial? Check out the freakiest pics the internet has to offer in our gross, grandiose, and eye-grabbing gallery after the jump.

  • Freaky Friday: We’re All Animals Edition [20 PHOTOS]

    Last week's edition of Freaky Friday featured a lot of people who must really hate their bodies. This week doesn't really have a theme per se, other than the fact they all make you go, "whoa". We do have more non-human animals than usual. Anyway, the weekend's here, so let's give the past week a nice big ol' middle finger then look forward a couple days of straight up weirdness. No better way to get you in the right (random) mood than with our photo gallery of oddities. Check it out after the jump.

  • Walk All Over Georgio, The Human Carpet [INTERVIEW]

    Meet my friend Georgio, the human carpet. Yes, that is correct. He is a carpet and he loves to be walked all over; in the physical sense, that is. I heard of Georgio last year and had to talk to him about what he does and why he does it. He is my new carpet friend and wants you to step on him. Finally, someone I can dig my heels into without getting yelled at. You can follow Georgio and receive updates about his events on his Facebook page. Make sure you catch him at this next “performance” to take a ride on his carpet. For now, check out our full interview with the man people walk all over after the jump.

  • A Festival of Sheer Bedlam for Pandemonium Day [55 PHOTOS]

    July 14th is National Pandemonium Day, where we celebrate the fact that life gets a little crazy sometimes. Take for example, this national holiday in Mallorca. On Saint Anthony's Day (December 16) the whole island goes balls-out in what looks like the scariest/trippiest/coolest festival I've ever seen. Take a look at the scary demons shooting fireworks point-blank at people in our explosive photo gallery from hell after the jump.

  • 21 Weird, WTF Soaps FTW [PHOTOS]

    What do guys like? Drinking. What do guys HAVE to use everyday? Soap. Next logical step? Liquor scented soap? UrbanDaddy clued us in to the new product from Allsorts, which offers four classic cocktail scented soap bars. It got us thinking of beer soap. Then we thought about all the other random soaps out there. Why anyone would buy these weird, wtf soaps for use is beyond us... why anyone would buy these for display is equally beyond us. Check out pics of the most random, offbeat, wtf soaps ever made after the jump.

  • Marijuana Grannies Face 70+ Charges, 268 Foot Cuban Cigar, 14 Foot Purse [WTF NEWS]

    Today's WTF news items feature a pair of old-timers who pass the time growing that sticky icky, a Cuban cigar roller who is just flat out not satisfied with his world record holding 140+ foot hand-rolled masterpiece, and a dude in Washington who most likely spent a lot of time playing Barbie with the neighborhood girls growing up. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News: Florida’s The Weirdest State, $5k Cab Ride, Self-Healing Car

    Today's WTF news items feature Florida snatching the title of America's Weirdest State away from California, a couple of NY/NJ guys who took the world's most expensive cab ride cross country, and a car that's fit for X-Men's Wolverine. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News: Robot Writes Perfect Story, Mailman Poops In Yard, Man Starts Fake Army

    Today's WTF news items feature a software program that wrote a better recap of a perfect game pitched in a GW vs. Virginia matchup than a human, a mailman in Portland who's probably a big fan of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and a 51 year old Chinese man who tried to start a fake army in L.A. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News: PA Town Sells Name Rights, Lobster Balls, Wool Ferrari

    Today's WTF news items feature a small Pennsylvania town that's making bank off a filmmaker who sold out to make a point, the University of Maine developing a biodegradable golf ball for those who like water hazards, and a British woman who knit a life-size Ferrari. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News: Iceland’s Penis Museum, Strippers Teach Ethics, Nude Shootout

    Today's WTF news items feature a museum in Iceland that's for total d*cks, a totally awesome professor at La Salle University who employs strippers to teach ethics, and a man in Florida who shot at a $65,000 SWAT robot while buck naked. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News: Free Naked Rubdowns, Snooki Gets $32k For Rutgers Speech, Wyoming Town Has 4 Residents

    Today's WTF news items feature a former cop who pretended to be an inspector to get a free "hand out" at a massage parlor, Rutgers giving 5 figures to Snooki to speak about why Rutgers students should quit school, and a town's population QUADRUPLES over 10 years. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News: V8 Releases ‘Liquid Viagra’, Stripper Saves Stigmatic Twin, Talking Duck Calls 911

    Today's WTF news items feature a new drink from V8 that will get your heart pumping (along with another body part), a former stripper who was able to find her long lost twin from sure death via stigmata, and a duck who should seriously get some consideration from AFLAC after her heroic 911 call. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News: No G-Strings Attached, World’s Loudest Pussy, Tiger Woods of Motocross Arrested

    Today's WTF news items feature a 22 year old chick in Naples, Florida who was arrested for indecent exposure after ditching her G-string on Spring Break, a 12 year old cat in England named Smokey who's got a record-setting purr, and Bubba Stewart aka "The Tiger Woods of Motocross" wants to be on Miami Vice. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News: Family Guy Has 240 Love Dolls, Fat Guy Fused To Chair, Shark Jumps Into Boat

    Today's WTF news items feature a British family man who has the largest collection of love dolls, a fat guy who had to be removed from his home after fusing to his chair, and a shark that took its love for The Lonely Island song, "I'm On A Boat" a little too far. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News: Bronx Zoo Cobra Slithers On Twitter, Pole Dancing For Jesus, Blind Date Eye Opener

    Today's WTF news items feature a very elusive yet social media savvy snake that escaped from the Bronx Zoo, a new workout regiment that makes the transition from Jesus freak to stripper a lot more acceptable, and a pair of Brits who went on a blind date only to discover they have more in common than they could ever imagine. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News: Whoopie Pie, $16M Cable Bill, Rubber Duck Robbery

    Today's WTF news items feature a baked good that sounds like one very naughty Saturday night, a dude who really needs to look into subscribing to Netflix or downloading from a torrent site, and a police academy in Chicago that had 2,500 rubber ducks stolen from under their stinky pig noses. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News: DWI Drunk While In Court, 92 Year Old Love Gun, The Real Face-Off

    Today's WTF news items feature a man who needs to get sponsored by Busch Beer ASAP, a 92 year old woman in Florida who just wants to hook up, and Face Off the movie is no longer fiction! Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News: Prophylactic Milk, World’s Most Expensive Dog, Fingerless Pianist

    Today's WTF news items feature a Swedish woman who found a love glove in her milk carton, the world's most expensive dog that looks cuddly but will actually rip your face off, and a Chinese girl who can play the piano despite not having fingers on her right hand. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News: Bag O’ Dildos Burglar, Brits Think Lightsabers Are Real, $7M Isn’t Rich

    Today's WTF news items feature a 40 year old breakfast cook who stole his boss's bag of sex toys, a survey that revealed 20% of Brits think light sabers are real, and another survey that showed millionaires don't think they're rich. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News Of The Day: Man Has 82 Tattoos of Julia Roberts, Golden Gate Bridge Jumper Survives, Bestseller Has 200 Blank Pages

    Today's WTF news items feature a dude who shows his affection / obsession for Julia Roberts through permanent ink, a teenage boy who jumped off the Golden Gate bridge "for kicks" (not shoes), and an Oxford University grad who "wrote" a bestselling book that has 200 blank pages. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News Of The Day: Cookie Monster Arrested, Footloose Thief, Urine Trouble

    Today's WTF news items feature the downfall of a beloved Sesame Street character who appears to be really strapped for "dough", a female firefighter-paramedic who most likely has a foot fetish, and a bank robber in Copenhagen who forgot one critical item during his heist - his urine. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • The Scariest Japanese Music Video Ever!

    Chances are that if you're watching a video that makes absolutely no sense and you're left wondering how you would even go about describing it, it's from Japan. If strange videos from Japan came together to form their own little society, this one right here would be their king - no, their bloody emperor! This is the kind of thing you see after having some bad saki and fugu, running through the streets of Tokyo screaming about flaming heads and bubble brain frogs. See the madness after the jump!

  • WTF News Of The Day: Porn Star Teacher, 23 Year Old Grandma, High School Bans Hugging

    Today's WTF news items feature a teacher who really used to suck, a 23 year old woman in Romania who became the world's youngest grandmother, and a high school that banned hugging according to students who really don't pay that much attention to presentations. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News Of The Day: Ke$ha Condoms, Spunk Driving, Skype Wedding

    Today's WTF news items feature a new brand of condom that will probably do more for abstinence than any other method known to man, a Kentucky man that got blown then blew a sobriety test, and a groom who was spitting up blood and still managed to get married. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News Of The Day: 3-D Porn Channel, Topless Feminists, Nude Therapist

    Today's WTF news items are chock full of boobies with Penthouse announcing plans to develop and air a 3-D porn channel for satellite network providers, a Ukraine feminist group that believes their protests are made more effective by going topless, and a non-licensed therapist in New York who strips while doling out advice. The lesson here, ladies? You want something done? Show us your cans. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News Of The Day: Northwestern’s F*ck Saw, 6th Grade Fight Club, Pills In Her Privates

    Today's WTF news items feature a class with a TA, T&A, BDSM, and some Double Ds, a bunch of 6th graders who think they're the next Tyler Durden, and a chick convict whose coin purse is actually good for holding merch. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News Of The Day: The Real Magneto, 911 Addict, 8 Year Old Arrested For 5th Time

    Today's WTF news items feature a 7 year old Serbian kid who Today Show co-hosts think is super attractive, a 43 year old east LA man who must have a sick unlimited cell phone plan, and an 8 year old boy in Florida who just... doesn't... get it. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • The World’s Fattest Contortionist AKA The Human Blob [VIDEO]

    Is this guy just a giant human baby? And, of course, his voice is off the charts ridiculous. I'm 99% sure he doesn't have genitalia. 5'11'' and 400+ lbs. WHY IN THE F*** WOULD YOU LET YOUR CHILDREN NEAR THIS GUY? Especially with that creepy softcore porn Skinemax music playing in the background. I mean, dude refers to himself as "The Dirty Carnie" for Christ's sake. Just like our Angela Lansbury sexy time video, you CANNOT unsee what happens at the 5:15 mark. I think Subway found their new Jared. As you can probably NOT tell from the video, the guy's a stand up comedian known as "Fat Matt" Alaeddine. You can book him here. Hurry, offer expires whenever his heart gives out!

  • WTF News Of The Day: The Cigarette King, Mummy Robs Gas Station, Fork You!

    Today's WTF news items feature a man who thinks he's Duke Nukem trying to get his puff on, an ancient Egyptian corpse who everybody apparently knows robbing a gas station, and an old dude in Miami who impersonated a cop and was able to pull over a driver with a barbecue fork. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!

  • WTF News Of The Day: Drive Thru Liquor Store, Poop Saves Horse, Family Guy

    Today's WTF news items feature a drunk doctor in search of some drive-thru booze in Massachusetts, a group of Cowboys who saved a horse with its own manure in Memphis, and a Chinese dude who's a real Family Guy... family is super important to him. Read more WTF wackiness after the jump!