world records

Apr 6, 2018

Female Soccer Players Held Match At Lowest Place On Earth On June 30, 2017, female soccer players from around the world gathered...

Sep 4, 2012

Fastest Bass Guitar Player Ever [WORLD RECORD OF THE WEEK]

Don’t get me wrong, speed guitar playing can be very impressive. Whether it’s Eddie Van Halen shredding his way through...

Aug 14, 2012

Hilarious Mash-Up: Most Times Unzipping Pants In 30 Seconds [WORLD RECORD VIDEO OF THE WEEK]

Last month, we showed you a video of a man setting the official RecordSetter world record for ‘Most Times Unzipping...

Guy Crams 30 Quarters Into His Belly Button [WORLD RECORD OF THE WEEK]

Most people keep their spare change laying around the house, in their dirty pockets, up their noses, or in a...

Aug 1, 2012

RecordSetter: I Become Eyebrow Raising Champion of the World!

Time to raise the bar of human achievement – through world records. Move over Guinness, RecordSetter is the new home...

May 7, 2012

15 Big-Ass Record-Breaking Junk Foods

It's only a matter of time before the Government starts dictating what we American's can and cannot eat. Before consuming our favorite foods becomes a criminal act we pay homage to the Super-Sized foods that has made this country great.

Mar 23, 2010