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whos that girl

Apr 9, 2014

Daniela Fridman: Captain Obvious GIRL [Who’s That Girl]

The “Captain Obvious / Eye Contact” ad is probably our office’s favorite commercial at the moment. Written by Rosswell...

Jan 7, 2013

Who’s That Girl: Hannah Davis, The DirecTV Genie [PHOTOS]

If you were watching any television this weekend, there’s a good chance that you saw the new DirecTV ad featuring...

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Nov 16, 2011

Curve Presents: Who’s That Girl – D’Arcy Kate Fellona [PHOTOS]

In advertising, “sex sells” and it’s easy to see why: Sexy people attract your attention then transfer that attention to an advertiser’s product or service. But then the 30 second spot is over and you’re left asking, “Who’s That Girl?” When my buddy told me about Quibids, I thought it was a scam. I thought no way am I buying into this... then I saw the commercial. Luckily, the cyber-Sherlocks at Who's That Hot Ad Girl have identified "The Quibids Girl" as D'Arcy Kate Fellona. Turns out she was an Eagles cheerleader. Good thing she got out of Philly before the Dream Team shat the nest. Anyway, we pulled together her hottest pics. Check 'em out in our gallery then check out how YOU can attract HER attention after the jump.

Jun 8, 2011

Who’s That Girl: Wendy McColm: The Best Buy Summer Redhead [29 PHOTOS]

We do our best to keep our viewers satisfied. So when one of you asked us to find "the new Best Buy commercial chick," we hit the interwebs and discovered our friends at WTHAD had already done the heavy lifting for us. Her name is Wendy McColm and she's yet another example of a cute, funny chick finding success on YouTube. Wendy is a comedian of sorts and her channel has a bunch of her videos that put her zany sense of humor on full display. She was also featured in the Veronicas' "Hook Me Up" (1:04). Check out this redhead's spiciest pics after the jump!

May 23, 2011

[31 PHOTOS] The Hot Girl On Whitest Kids U’Know [WHO’S THAT GIRL?]

I was watching a DVR'd episode of The Whitest Kids U'Know on Sunday when about halfway through the show a sketch aired about a father and son who can't get over the fact their daughter-sister is so freaking hot. They didn't show her face and it sounded like they dubbed the voice, so I had very little to work with. I immediately searched like mad on the interwebs for her ID and didn't turn up anything. Luckily, her name appeared in the end credits: Bobbi Bentzel. A little more digging revealed this isn't the first time she's been on the show. Check out her previous appearance along with a gallery of her finest modeling photos after the jump.

Apr 14, 2011

Identify The Blond Hottie at Brian Wilson’s 29th Birthday & Win $20 Cash! just posted these incredible photos of Brian Wislon's 29th birthday party in Scottsdale, Arizona. The pictures are "predictably awesome", as BroBible put it, but more importantly I want to know the name of the blonde with the big cans in the party photos. She's definitely another sexy reason to go to college in Arizona. First person to properly identify her wins $20 cash. That's right, we will send you an envelope with a $20 bill in it, no questions asked (except your mailing address). It's that simple. See pics from the party and find out how to win after the jump!

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Feb 7, 2011

Who’s That Girl? Tabitha Taylor, Joan Rivers’ Body Double In GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad [64 PHOTOS]

GoDaddy's notorious for having risque commercials and it's become somewhat of a tradition to see a new one each Super Bowl. There was a lot of buzz surrounding this year's as they promised to unveil a new GoDaddy Girl. If you weren't able to catch the spot, it turned out to be Joan Rivers, only she had a ridiculous body. Today, we found out that body belongs to Tabitha Taylor, a model and actress who's had roles in Lakeview Terrace and Dude Where's My Car? in addition to appearances on Nip/Tuck, Beauty and the Geek, and G4's Attack of the Show. This wasn't the first double duty she's pulled, she was also a hand double for Eva Mendes and Cameron Diaz in a pair of commercials. See her pics after the jump!

Who’s That Girl… Micaela Johnson: College in Pajamas Commercial [28 Photos]

If you frequently watch Adult Swim or Jersey Shore, odds are you've probably seen all those commercials about taking college courses online in your pajamas. The jingle is like nails on a chalkboard, but there's ONE girl in jammies that caught our eye. After some cyber sleuthing / stalking, we managed to find out the girl is 26 year old actress and model Micaela Johnson, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader who was Miss Nebraska 2008. See her pics after the jump!

Feb 1, 2011

Who’s That Girl… Carly Foulkes: The T-Mobile 4G Girl [75 Photos]

Once in a while during a commercial break, you resist clicking the remote. Something or someone caught your eye. In...

Jan 3, 2011