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Wedding Crashers

Nov 18, 2016

WATCH: Isla Fisher Says A ‘Wedding Crashers’ Sequel Is Coming

Yesterday, actress Isla Fisher went on The Today Show and dropped an absolute bombshell, saying that a Wedding Crashers sequel...

Jul 2, 2013


From 'Portlandia' to 'National Lampoon's Vacation,' here are the best new releases this week.

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Jun 27, 2013

How To Get Laid At a Wedding

With the right moves, you can go from the reception to the bridesmaid's hotel room seamlessly.

Jun 6, 2012

Owen Wilson at E3: Celebrity Video Game Review

Owen Wilson is everyone’s shaggy, lovable ne’er-do-well. Not only is he an American actor famous for Wedding Crashers, Cars, Shanghai...

May 10, 2012

Hot Movie Milfs for Mother’s Day [VIDEO]

Is it movie milf-tastic or milf-rific? A fab way to enjoy Mother’s Day is by checking out COED’s video:  Hot...

Jun 10, 2011

Gear Girl: Crashing a Wedding in Style

“Gear Girl” is COED’s new bimonthly column where our resident clothing chick, Rosanna, demystifies the strange enigma that is the fashion world. Basically she’ll tell you what to wear, how to wear it and how to do it all while maintaining your dudeliness. This week she'll show you the best modern suits to help you beat the heat and stand out at a summer wedding. We apologize in advance if you're attacked by a Stage 5 Clinger. Check it out after the jump!

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Mar 11, 2011

“You Motorboatin’ Son of a Bitch” [100 PHOTOS]

Wedding Crashers was bittersweet for a lotta dudes. It made weddings exciting again, but it also made them a MAJOR disappointment. Hot single chick don't attend weddings without a date, much less a date that allows you to hit on her. But, it did give us one of the best lines ever. "you motorboatin' son of a bitch!" started an AWESOME trend that's a close second to chicks making out. Plus, it spawned cleavage cocktails. To honor its impact on society, we've compiled a photo gallery of the most mmm mmm good motorboats that'll make you say, "you sailor, you!" See the pics after the jump!

COED’s Movie Guide To Picking Up Chicks [VIDEO]

It ain't easy being single. Each year millions of men plunk down serious cash to learn the ways of the woman in the hopes they can get a little of the ol' in-and-out. For some guys, picking up chicks is like second nature - they have the confidence and more importantly the thick skin to brush off wisecracks, putdowns, and negs. While pick up artists like Mystery wear goofy sh*t and pretend there are fights outside to get a woman's attention, we at COED look no further than the movies for our inspiration. Yes, movies are fictional, contrived, carefully and meticulously structured works in which all involved are conspiring to get you to suspend your disbelief but sometimes there are some truths hidden within its smoke and mirrors. These following tips and movies are shining examples of how to at least get them on the hook. The rest is up to you, playboy.

Dec 29, 2010

5 Movie Characters Who Would Make Kickass Wingmen

We do not always get the best wingman. But, just for the hell of it, imagine that we did get the wingman that we deserve. Imagine that things could happen like they do in the movies. Hell, I would be lying if I told you that I never imagined any one of the following movie characters stepping in to save my ass that lonely night at the party. Here are five film characters that would make absolutely kickass wingmen (ranked in order of kickassness):

Jul 14, 2010

Weekly DVD Drop: Fred Claus

Since Thanksgiving is Thursday why not gear up for the Holidays this week and check out Vince Vaughn in Fred...

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