Feb 28, 2013

America’s Top 15 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations: 2013 Edition

Spring Break is a time-honored American tradition that involves binge-drinking, tail chasing, passing out on the beach and all the...

Jan 26, 2012

4th Trashiest Spring Break Destination in America: Daytona Beach, FL

It’s been hailed has the “mecca for motorsports”, with the old Daytona Beach Road Course having hosted races for over...

Jan 26, 2012

8th Trashiest Spring Break Destination in America: Fort Myers, FL

The name of the game when it comes to spring break partying in Fort Myers is Lana Kai. It’s an...

5th Trashiest Spring Break Destination in America: Myrtle Beach, SC

Sneaking its way into #5 is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Having been here for Senior Week twice (victory lap, baby)...

Jan 26, 2012

6th Trashiest Spring Break Destination in America: Miami Beach, FL

It’s probably surprising that Miami Beach is on our list, but the more you think about it, the more it...

Jan 26, 2012

Trashiest Spring Break Destination in America: Las Vegas, NV

Of course it makes sense that Las Vegas is the trashiest destination to head for Spring Break; it’s the home...

Jan 26, 2012

Jan 26, 2012

9th Trashiest Spring Break Destination in America: Lake Havasu City, AZ

The fact that Lake Havasu can only  hit #9 on our Trashiest Spring Break Destinations is one of the reasons...

Jan 26, 2012

3rd Trashiest Spring Break Destination in America: South Padre Island, TX

How can it get any trashier than South Padre, a beach that essentially exists for the sole purpose of having...

Dec 4, 2011

75 Reasons To Never Get A Fake Tan [PHOTOS]

It's finally here, that time you can find out who out of your friends goes to get fake tans. Since it's winter, it's not as though they can lie to you and tell you that they actually sat outside to soak in the rays. The people you'll find in this gallery never had a chance to try to play it off like their look was au natural; only little people living with a creepy hermit who makes candy can ever attain an orange hue without the help of spraypaint. I mean, these guys have frosted f*cking tips. Why would you want anything to do with them? Check out the 75 most wtf fake tans in the gallery after the jump!

Aug 16, 2011

You Vandalized A Perfectly Good Behind [67 PHOTOS]

The tramp stamp first came to prominence in the late 90s. How or why, we don't know. As Vince Vaughn's character declared in Wedding Crashers upon seeing one, "it might as well be a bull's eye". The Germans call it, "Arschgeweih", which means 'ass antlers', which may be my new favorite slang term. While some less than attractive ladies need tramp stamps simply to get the attention, we have to wonder why the hotter tots get 'em done (we're already lookin', girls, we don't need advertising). Unless, it's to advertise that they put out. Then we get it and we thank you. Check out our photo gallery of truly "tremendous" tramp stamps after the jump.